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Institute Resources

Visit this page for the latest resources out of the Kenwood Institute, the Kenwood Network, and our affiliates. Whether it’s the latest must-listen podcast or a new helpful article or blog from a Kenwood elder or Network member, or a long-form position paper on a relevant topic out of Kenwood Baptist Church or a sister congregation, you will find the material we think is important for your convenience and ministry.

Stay informed.



  • Inaugural Banquet Address

    Inaugural Banquet Address

    August 18, 2023 | Colin Smothers, Institute Director In this brief address, I want to do just a couple of things. First, (I.) I want to lay out the vision… Read More »Inaugural Banquet Address

  • Nicene Creed with Filioque

    Nicene Creed with Filioque

    Posted by Jim Hamilton | January 17, 2021 We at Kenwood made a fresh English translation of the Nicene Creed for use in worship in 2018. We recited the Apostles’… Read More »Nicene Creed with Filioque