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The Hour of the Son’s Glory in John 12–17

This video is part of a series of lectures Dr. Jim Hamilton delivered on John’s Gospel in the Netherlands.


John 1: The Word Tabernacling and Spirit Filled
– John 2-4: From Cana to Cana: Wedding, Passover, New Birth, Baptist, Samaritan
–– John 5-11: In Public, Among Crowds, At Feasts
––– John 11: 45-53: Better That One Dies
–––– John 11: 54-57: Passover (Rejection)
–––– John 12: 1-8: Anointing (Reception)
––– John 12:9-19: Triumphal Entry
–– John 12-17: In Private, With Disciples, At Passover
– John 18-20: From Garden to Garden: Arrested, Crucified, Raised
John 20-21: The Temple of the Holy Spirit: Jesus Sends as He Was Sent

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